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Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and for many of us (whether for business or personal) a necessity. Created by travelers for travelers, Crazy Dog Travel Guide is one of the oldest resources to independent travel and backpacking on the Internet. We give people of all ages the information and tools needed to plan a trip and make it as rewarding, safe and affordable as possible to experince this fantastic planet.

Travel Wisdom

Your traveling experience will be far more enjoyable if you stay healthy. Plan for the unexpected before you leave and be prepared so you can ward off many health problems and hopefully minimize the severity of those that do occur. Incase you do come down with an unavoidable sickness or injury of some sort, it is important that you are at least somewhat prepared by having medical insurance, a small first-aid kit and knowledge of the health dangers that may be present in your region of travel.
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Time Zone Map
Don't want to wake mom when you call home? Use this map to compare time zones.

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Useful travel links to help you prepare for your trip.

World Trivia

Be careful with those taps. Hot water faucets are marked with a 'C' in some countries. This is because in Spain the word for hot is caliente, in France hot is chaud, and in Italy you say caldo when you mean hot.
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Is hitch-hiking for you?
One man's interesting experiences on the side of the road.

Swiss utility

Birth of the Swiss Army knife.

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Top Tips

Give yourself time to prepare: Some Visas and vaccinations can take considerable time to complete.

Photocopy all of your documents twice. Leave one set at home with a friend or relative.  Keep the other set with you, but separate from the originals.

Keep all your important documents in a waterproof holder of some type and in your carry-on luggage. You can also scan and then e-mail your documents to yourself so that you always can get a copy of them in an emergency.

Always keep your money, credit-cards and passport in a hidden money-belt or it's equivalent and do not open it when in public.

Pack light - when in doubt, leave it out. You can buy almost anything anywhere these days.

What's New

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Check out our list of hostels and hostel links, including the major hostel organizations for each country, private hostels and some general resources. Much more than just street addresses - you'll find links to hostel sites, complete with pictures, rates and maps.
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