About Us

Who We Are
Crazy Dog Travel Guide was created and is produced by a team of experienced travelers who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experiences with other travelers looking to go beyond their borders and share in the many new and interesting cultures and traditions of the world around them. The Crazy Dog Travel Guide team is lead by the following people:

  • Scott (Managing Editor)
    Growing up in an outdoor-oriented family, and spending much of his childhood camping, hiking and traveling abroad, it should come as no surprise that Scott continues to live and write about traveling with a passion. Having backpacked his way across 31 countries on 5 continents, Scott has experienced what most travelers can only dream about. From the temples of Kyoto to the pyramids of Egypt, he has walked, crawled and climbed his way across thousands of miles of this world.
  • Randy (Associate Editor)
    Randy would have a difficult time explaining where he lives. Because since the age of 24, after receiving his Masters in English Literature, Randy has spent most of his life traveling around the world. A dedicated travel enthusiast, Randy's stories and experiences keep our hearts on the road, even when we're stuck in the office.

About the name 'Crazy Dog'
Way back in 1994, during a trip through Asia, a few of us were walking the backroads of a less-wealthy section of Kyoto, Japan. As we strolled down one particularly filthy street, we glanced ahead and noticed a strange form moving towards us, which we soon discovered to be a dog. But this was no ordinary dog. With one eye, three legs, and wearing a diaper, this poor animal was literally dragging itself around the streets. From that point on this miserable animal was forever referred to as 'The Crazy Dog'. The name just kind of stuck in our heads. Hey...you wanted to know.