Eating and Drinking

Eating and drinking are something we take for granted. Yet it can have a huge impact not only on our happiness but also on our health.

Good food is one of the rewards of travel. You’ll easily find good-quality restaurants almost everywhere in the world. All major cities usually have a good selection of international staple foods, and one of the pleasures of traveling in foreign countries is enjoying the variety of different foods that a culture may offer. In fact, many local dishes are so delicious that you may find yourself seeking them out once you return home.

But what many travelers don't realize is that, like water, unclean foods can also make you very sick. Remember the old addage: "If you can't boil it, peel it or cook it, forget it!"

Travel Food

Here we provide tips and ideas for finding the food you really like, while avoiding those things you shouldn’t eat. Keeping yourself healthy and happy while on the road.

Travel Water

Water is the wellspring of life, and drinking water becomes even more important when you travel. Because travelers are usually quite active, and may be in hotter climates, their re-hydration requirements increase. Finding clean water can also sometimes be a problem, and being “green” can be a chore if you are always buying plastic water bottles.
In this section we offer tips to keep you green, clean and well hydrated.