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USA Today wrote: "This site is the backpackers' bible, complete with destination guides and advice on planning a trip, staying in hostels and choosing your gear. Geared to the economical traveler, Crazy Dog's features on budgeting and bargaining help you get the most for your money."

The Denver Post writes: "Aimed especially at backpackers, [Crazy Dog Travel Guide] gives all you need to know about hostels and airlines and is an important point for budget travelers to avoid scams that will relieve you of your much-needed cash."

She Knows Travel writes: "Designed for backpackers (and other travelers) on a budget, this fun site provides lots of practical, down-to-earth advice on planning your backpacking vacation. Features include informative articles, fun trivia and one of the best collections of hostel links and resources on the Internet."

Smart Computing, in their Find It Online - Where In The World Do You Want To Go? issue, writes: "Visit Crazy Dog Travel Guide to see how far you can go with a backpack, a good pair of shoes, and a little bit of cash. Crazy Dog teaches you how to see the world cheaply with a well-packed backpack. Although the site focuses on international travel, some smart travel tips, such as concealing your money in a money belt, make sense no matter where you�re going."

TheAge.com, an online Australian newspaper, writes: "For a thorough look at backpacking, you can't go past Crazy Dog Travel. Trivia, maps, hostels and the latest news. This easy-to-navigate site is well worth a visit. Set aside a few hours to research your destination thoroughly. Click through to a vast array of quality resources."

Travoholic, a budget travel site, describes the CDTG as "one of the better pages for first time backpackers. It explains the world of backpacking in tremendous detail."

USA Today, in their article Your Way on the Information Superhighway, writes: "Aimed especially at backpackers, [Crazy Dog Travel Guide] gives all you need to know about hostels, airlines and - an important point for budget travelers - avoiding scams that will relieve you of your much-needed cash. Several parts of the site, replete with hotlinks, take you through a series of questions to determine your best route to cheap travel."

The World of English writes: "Another site bursting with good tips is the Crazy Dog Travel Guide. Based in Canada, this site is a must-see for anyone thinking of traversing the terra firma cheaply. Here you can read about any number of issues important to the success of a trip: e-mail access while abroad, advice for women going it alone, security measures for your passport, visas, and other essential documents, and more. Notable also are the numerous links to airlines and youth hostels."

BootsnAll, a popular budget travel site, describes the CDTG as having "an interesting name" and "loads of information...great background information for those taking their first trip."

From The Vancouver Sun newspaper: "Another really great travel site is the Crazy Dog Travel Guide. It's refreshing to see such a well-put-together site. The design is clean and, most importantly, the site is a breeze to navigate. The home page has a weekly wisdom section that brings you one great tip every week. There are also some excellent safety tips in the safety and scams section. The site also offers in-depth information on different types of backpacks, clothing and footwear to wear on your trip. Check out the excellent sections on solo female travel, student travel and crossing borders. Most of the sections on the site also link to related web sites, which makes it a one-stop travel resource."

From BRIEFME.com, an online Internet and e-mail news service, March 19th, 2000, issue: "The Crazy Dog Travel Guide is chock full of all sorts of useful travel info-- much more than I can describe in this review (guess you'll just have to see it for yourself!). Every week there is a new tip in the Weekly Wisdom column. At this writing, the Hot Topic column is about travel by overland bus. Travel news in the right column and a hefty list of links on the left to more pages of helpful travel advice make this website well worth bookmarking! It's also just plain nice to look at--sharp and clear with black text on a white background, red trim, and blue text links. Content and style--a rare combination! Check it out."

Webmania said: "Backpacking on a budget? Hey who isn't? Vancouver's Crazy Dog Travel Guide, with tips on everything from how to best pack your backpack to getting around those pesky visa and passport restrictions, is one site for the wanderer in all of us."

Yahoo! Canada "Pick of the Week", February 28th, 2000

Diane Goldburg, of Suite101.com, said: "Crazy Dog Travel Guide is excellently organized and well suited for the novice traveler who doesn't know what she doesn't know. The trip-planning, currency, packing and passport sections serve as a checklist for the first-timer to ensure that she gets it right. Where the site excels is the listing of links to multiple sources and resources. Crazy Dog lists links where they are relevant. The Tip of the Week is a great resource for the first timers and anyone planning a journey"

From The Times, a London-based newspaper, in their February 13, 2000, article "Setting your sites on backpacking": "[As a first timer], you could start at such a site as the Crazy Dog Travel Guide, which has lots of basic advice, including what to pack and how to sort out your finances, and a good section on buying a rucksack, explaining the difference between top-loaders and front-loaders, and internal and external frames."

Planet Rider, "The Best Travel Sites," writes: "You don't have to be a Crazy Dog to benefit from the wisdom in this backpacking guide. This comprehensive site is run by a couple of guys with a love for travel. And they get the job done, offering advice on everything from what to take and how to travel to sleeping and photography." Rated three out of three balloons for content!

Access Magazine rated the CDTG as a "great budget travel site" in their July 18-August 15, 1999, issue, with a three out of four star rating. They said: "Geared primarily toward backpackers, this site offers budget travel tips in neatly organized categories such as airlines, accommodations and getting around. Sections cover budgeting, supplies, passports and visas--general advice that is helpful to anyone planning to travel abroad. CDTG also has a good selection of links to other online travel resources."

Student Advantage writes: "This is the perfect site for planning a backpacking trip. It provides you with excellent tips on budgeting your travel money, what to pack and wear, and even good books to read to prepare for your adventure. The student traveler page is an awesome way to get advice on how to get special travel discounts with your student ID card."

"[Crazy Dog Travel Guide] contains excellent tips for backpacking in Europe and other countries on a Budget. It is well organized and the contents are excellent."
- Old Continent Travel

"A very fun, advice-packed travel site"
- Vagabunda

As a "super starting point" at Big World Magazine, we are listed as having "TONS of useful information."

"Clean, neat, concise and well written, with links right where you want them - on the pages that discuss the topic"
- John Berns of Travelog.net

"Great fun general reference site for people setting off on their backpacking adventure. Lots of very useful reference material supplied in a fun alternate way."
- Backpacker's Index

"Offbeat and cool resource"
- European Hostels

"User-friendly, well-written with related links in all the right places"
- Tenting Plus

"Lots of great advice for backpackers on a budget. Includes gear reviews, places to avoid, money advice, communication issues, health tips, and random travel wisdom."
- BigYellow search engine

Travelynx writes: "Lots of practical information written in a casual manner.  Unique and useful advice. Everyone could benefit from going here first."

"Hip site for budget travelers. Covers everything from planning your trip to health, food, tips for female travelers, border crossings, maps and travel guides. Includes a tip of the week, and travelers' news."
- Backpacker Essentials

"Your page of little tips was FANTASTIC. I've been looking all over the Internet for travellers advice for backpackers, and it's so reassuring to finally be able to find some that actually sound like you know what you're talking about! I've selected several of them and printed them off so I can refer to them just before I leave. Brilliant! Thanks."

"Just wanted to congratulate and thank you for such a wise and informative site.  I think it's great that there are other people out there who seem to have the same outlook on traveling and are willing to impart what they've learned into a well-organized and useful resource for all to access."

"I certainly have to send you my admiration for your site. It is a great collection of very useful information, and I appreciate that you encourage people to think for themselves instead of believing religiously in their travel guides!"

"Just to tell you that your site is Great! I'm planning a backpacking trip and you're site is my #1 reference. Keep up the good work!"

"I feel I have to tell you, I love your site. It has been a source of essential information for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"To whoever put the Crazy Dog Travel Guide together, I would like to thank you. It was a faraway dream of mine to travel to places and experience new things, and I always thought that my dream would remain just that. But after reading your pages, I have been inspired to overcome any problems or fears I may have about traveling, and have decided to go for it and do exactly what I've always wanted to. Your tips, hints, and common-sense guide to travel has proved invaluable, and I am reading and rereading it in preparation for what should hopefully be one of the best summers of my life. As of yet, I have no idea where I want to go, and have nothing planned, but you have helped me so much and will continue to do so as I decide on my choices of destinations!! Thank you again. It is an invaluable guide."

"Many thanks for all your help. Planning my adventures has become that much easier knowing that I have your guide to refer to."

"I'm going to South-Asia at the end of this year and will put many of your tips to good use!"

"Cool page!! Keep up the good work."

"Great site. My best friend and I are backpacking through Europe in August for 6 weeks. Your page is very informative and helpful."

"Very well organized site. Great info. Easy to navigate and find what I was looking for."

"I really enjoyed the site. I'm planning a trip next summer and am interested in all the info ahead of time to plan a great trip."

"A well thought out site and easy to navigate. Awesome tips and advice that I'm sure will come in handy on my next adventure! Thanks."

"Excellent page!! The best I've ever seen."

"You have a great site - well arranged and easy to use with lots of practical information. Well done."

"I am in the process of planning a trip to Europe, Asia and possibly Micronesia for the upcoming fall and winter. I had to write and tell you that your site has been more help than you could possibly imagine for helping me get an idea of where and how to begin, what to expect and more. Everyone involved in the creation of this site should be very proud of themselves because I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. Once again, thank you for this site."

"GREAT WEBSITE!!!!! Have read it from start to finish, very informative. Your site has put my mind at rest and boosted my motivation to go for it! Thanks."

"Thank you so much for your site. I have just spent about two hours going through all your information, and I am impressed at all your work. Very well done! I am planning a trip to New Zealand and perhaps some South Pacific Islands and you have been a big help."

"This is an email of compliments. I have been a backpacker over many years and have now recently retired from full time work. My wife and I join the many 'baby boomers' of adventurous spirit hitting the travel trails of the world. No doubt your organisation recognises the marketing opportunities exploding by this new group of 'young' backpackers. However, I came across your excellent website as a link from Pacsafe. Your website provides great advice on those essentials sought by thinking budget backpackers. I hope your site goes from strength to strength and I also hope to contribute to it in the near future. Cheers."