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Airlines (158)
List of airlines

Communications (6)
E-mail providers, web cafes...

Destinations (28)
Information on specific countries and regions, including government resources and publications

Equipment (30)
Useful stuff to take with you

Female Travelers (8)
Female-specific resources

General Information Sites(7)
Backpack sites, budget travel information...

Guides (11)
Online travel guides, including Lets Go, Lonely Planet, Fielding...

Health (9)
General medical information, malaria, hospitals...

Hostels (145)
Organizations, independent hostels and hostel resources...

Maps (8)
Maps and map collections

Interesting and useful travel sites

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Online newspapers and magazines

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Student Travel (7)
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Currency converters, weather planners, distance finders...

Transportation (64)
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Book flights, purchase tickets, check ticket prices...

Travelogues (6)
People's adventures, photos, stories...

Work Abroad (5)
Earn money while you travel