news and staying up to date

Backpacking has the tendency to isolate you from world news and events, something that some travelers would consider a good thing in this media-crazy world we live in these days. It is not uncommon to arrive home after your trip and be bombarded by major news events from the past two or three months that you have been away. However, when you are away for long periods of time, it can be comforting to stay informed and know what is happening elsewhere in the world, particularly back at home.

In our modern world, staying apprised of recent news events is not very difficult. Major newspapers from many cities can be found at kiosks and stores small and large in most major cities around the world. Sometimes you just have to search a little harder to find the newspaper you're looking for. Keep in mind that a foreign newspaper can cost you considerably more than what you would pay for it at home. Not that you are going to be buying a newspaper every day (getting away from 'the news' is one of the reasons why you are traveling, right?), but a daily newspaper purchase may throw off your budget significantly. Instead, when you can get access to the internet, get your dosage of world news online. Here are a few online newspapers and news agencies that offer extensive world news coverage: