Travel Safety

This collection of tips and advice exists as only a beginning to the endless knowledge about staying safe while traveling. These tips are not here to make you paranoid. They are here to make you aware of what could happen and hopefully help you avoid becoming a victim.

  • before you leave, tell someone your general itinerary. You can even arrange to phone home now and again to make updates.
  • beware of iron bars on hotel/hostel windows. If there is a fire, you could get trapped in your room.
  • avoid wearing combat or military-type clothing or you may be misidentified as a soldier or the enemy
  • be aware of a potential escape plan in case of a fire
  • if you are riding a motorcycle or scooter, see if you can get a helmet to wear
  • wear appropriate clothing (especially women) to avoid excessive attention
  • don't make hasty decisions, no matter what the circumstances are. Take a breath and think about your options first.
  • avoid wearing obnoxious clothing that screams out "I'm a tourist!" This is particularly important for Americans, as anti-American sentiment is very strong in some countries.
  • try to go on your own and avoid help from the locals, depending on where you are. Quite often people offering assistance have something to gain from helping you.
  • small-town locals are usually more friendly than their big-city countrymen