Specialty Travel

Plan your holiday based on they type of traveler you are. Are you going for a short holiday, a business trip or a long-term traveler. Perhaps you are a student or a single woman who is traveling? All of these types of travelers have special needs and considerations, and so we provide special information for you:

Business Travel
The International business man must be aware of the cultural differences between countries. The simple act of how you present your business card can make a generate a good or bad impression in some cultures. In addition the modern electronically connected business man must take into account the differing electrical and phone standards around the world.

Student Travel
Because so many students travel internationally, there is a large market directed entirely towards this group of people. There are many ways to save money while traveling as a student. If you fit into this category then you should be taking advantage of as many deals as possible to maximize your dollar.

Women Travel
While equality is great, female travelers do have additional safety concerns and cultural considerations when traveling to other countries. We provide tips on keeping safe as well as links to other sources of information and groups catering specifically to women travelers.

Family Travel
Traveling with your children can be great, but it does take a little bit of preparation - we provide some tips and tricks to keep them (and you) happy and healthy when on the road.