Travel Fears

Most of the reasons people don't travel is because of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear over money and safety. Most of these fears are unfounded with a little preparation and knowledge. It is now safer to travel the world then it has been in almost any time in history. The most common fears are listed below:

Don't know what to do: Well, congratulations - that is what this guide is for! You may want to check out the first-things-first section to get a brief overview of what you need to know.

You don't have to fling yourself into it, you can start slowly - If you are an American, perhaps going from America to Canada where you will cross a border and can change currency, but don't have to deal with a passport. If you want to go to a more exotic locale then you can work with a travel agency and perhaps take a group tour where everything is arranged for you. Once you start traveling you will see how easy and wonderful it is, all it takes is for you to take that first step.

Health & Safety: Remember this - wherever you go people have been living and working there for hundreds if not thousands of years. They would probably be just as fearful of their health and safety going to your home as you are going to theirs.

There are health and safety issues to be aware of, but once you know about them you can prepare for them and minimize the danger.

Money: World travel is actually much cheaper and easier then most people realize. All you really need is the will to go and a passport. It can be cheaper living on the road then it is at home. People have traveled for a year on $10,000, $5,000 or even less.

This guide will give you many tips on saving money. One of the best ways is to connect to the network of fellow travelers, many of whom you can meet on this site. They can provide guidance on how much to pay, ways to save money and how to get the most from your travel experiences without spending a fortune.
Sometimes spending less, gets you more - if you stay in high-priced hotels and resorts it will isolate you from the local people. By staying in cheaper accommodations (but still clean, safe and sometimes very beautiful) you get a better feel for the place. Eating the local food also lets you widen your culinary experience.

Lack of Time & Inertia: Are you stuck in a rut? Is your homebound existence just too comfortable? Why make the effort to travel? Or maybe you are indispensable from work and just can't get away for a holiday - you are afraid that the business or your career just can't handle you being away for a week - let alone a month or two!

You can spend an eternity thinking of someday adventures and let time slip by, but why not get out there and live life NOW! Bill Gates, the president of the United States, the CEO of IBM - they all take vacations and holidays, so can you. The world will not end, the business will still be there and you owe it to yourself to take some time and enjoy life.

What about a longer trip - do you only take 2 week vacations each year? Do you realize it will take you 26 years of vacationing to see the same amount if you took a year off work? If you live to be 80 years old 1 year is only 1.25% of your life… Is that so much time to spend on yourself and enjoy life, aren't you worth it?!