Travel People

One of the biggest decisions a traveler has to make is whether to travel alone or with some friends or companions. There are pros and cons to each and several factors to consider before making a choice. However, for independent travel, being solo can provide experiences and flexibility that are difficult when traveling with others, so you will probably want to travel solo for at least some portions of your trip.

Traveling solo and with companions both have their advantages and dis-advantages. Traveling with one or more people can add security and companionship to your trip, but traveling solo generally gives you more freedom. If you do choose to travel with companions you will want to consider the personality and habits of the people you are traveling with as you will be together for extended periods of time.

Traveling Alone: This can be one of the most intimidating paths to take, but it can also be one of the the most rewarding. Traveling solo does not mean you will be alone - most solo travelers run into other travelers and end up traveling with them for different legs of their journey.

Traveling with Others: Traveling with a companion can provide moral support, extra security, minimize culture shock and possibly save the two of you money on hotel rooms, taxi's and hiring guides. However, long-term traveling together can strain any relationship and you will also need to make sure your partner shares your traveling style, interests and budget.

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