Why Travel?

Why in the world would you want to leave your comfy, secure and normal life and subject yourself to the wild unknown of our planet? To travelers, the answer seems obvious. The planet is a fantastic place, with a vast panoply of cultures, environments and people. This is your life, and you only live once - so as they say "Carpe Diem!" ("Seize the day!")

When people think of travel they usually think of a vacation, and most people take a vacation to relax. Relaxation is great, but the rewards of travel are great and the reasons people travel can be many:

Natural Beauty and Wonder: A tropical island sunset, the soaring majesty of the snow capped Himalayas, the wonder of standing before the great Pyramids of Giza. The greatest beauty devised by humans and mother nature awaits you.

Freedom, Escape and Renewed Energy: Travel can be an escape - an escape from the daily grind, an unhappy relationship or perhaps a transitional period between college and the starting a career or between one job and another. Some people travel not so much to go someplace but to get away.

The daily exercise, excitement and stimulation of travel can bring a new found energy that lets you return home full of plans, excitement and a sense of well-being.

Freedom! The freedom of the open road! It is a sirens call that can be a reality. Backpack over your shoulder, the road ahead of you - your destiny is yours to command. Strolling through tranquil forests, dodging the rapids of a river in a canoe, lazing the day away in a hammock - the choices and decisions are completely up to you.

Personal Growth & Experience: There is almost no way to travel and not experience some personal growth. Just being exposed to new ideas, new cultures and new ways of doing things will give you new insight and understanding into our world. You gain a new perspective of the true wealth and breadth of human creativity. Before when reading a newspaper you may have skipped over much of the international section, but if you've met the villagers living in Turkey, eaten and sung songs with them, suddenly an earthquake there takes on a whole new meaning.

Travel also gives you a chance to challenge and push yourself. Perhaps you want to learn diving or rock-climbing or to test yourself against natures finest. If you desire, travel gives you a chance to stretch your physical and mental limits. Some of the finest moments of our lives are when we are pushed to our limits.

Travel also gives you time. Time away from the daily grind, time away from the day-to-day chores of mowing the lawn, answering the phone and paying the bills. It is time for contemplation, relaxation and time to enjoy the beauty of life.